Never before has photography been such an integral part of our lives. How does our experience of photography compare to our human experiences of the visual? I am not a photographer. But I work across mediums to explore and question everyday visual encounters. Through the unconventional use and display of photographs, often in a site-specific manner, my work discusses and encompasses theoretical debates around the camera. Small windows into a past moment, I seek to explore whether photographs can be taken and displayed in ways that allow them to access our present experiences. I strive to bring the medium itself into our thoughts and questions, not only to reference the experience we gain from photographs but also our own human experiences of sight in our everyday lives. Our physical context is an integral part of how we view and experience photography. I often incorporate the location of where the photographs were taken as a key component in the work. These pieces fail to operate in another location. They play on the viewer's precise circumstance.  However, my work has not only operated through installations but also through the staging of photographs to create visual illusions that play with our perception and point towards the unique characteristics of this medium. These photographs exist as pieces in their own right. Through references to both analogue and digital photography, to physical and virtual display methods, my practice holds the primary aim to explore the vast medium of photography and its correlation to the experience of the human eye. 




  • Bath Spa University graduate Degree show 2020

  • Virtual maze exhibition, 2020


  • CTRL-ALT-DELETE exhibition, 4th-11th April 2019

  • Cheddar Arts Fringe Festival 5th-7th May 2018

  • Strode College Foundation End of Year Show 13th -21st June 2017


  •  BA(Hons) Fine Art -Bath Spa Univeristy, 2017- 2020

  • Art and Design Foundation Studies, Strode College, 2016-2017